Kaunting Kaalaman: Facts about the Filipino language

Loving our heritage – from fiestas, symbols, and brands that are uniquely Filipino.

Tagalog Tongue Twisters

Everyone loves tongue twisters. Here are the most popular Tagalog tongue twisters you'll surely add in your list.

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Cultures that Affected our Languages

Find out how colonial experiences influenced our country's languages.

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Philippine Languages: A History

The Philippines is a country of many languages, and the journey to modern-day Filipino is filled with twists and turns.

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Basic Tagalog Phrases

21 basic Filipino phrases you need to know to navigate the Philippines like a local.

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Powerful Filipino Words

The Philippines' language offers some powerful and inspiring words that are both beautiful to say and have powerful meanings. Dive into these 50 powerful Filipino words and their English translation.
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Modern-Day Champions of the Filipino Language

Know Filipino personalities who, in their own simple way, keep the language alive and showcase its beauty in their craft.

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