Keeping Traditions Alive

Here are some interesting finds about our beloved vernacular.

11 Best Festivals to Experience in the Philippines

Philippines is known for its colorful culture through vibrant festivals around the country. Find out the top festivals that are worth experiencing.

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7 Traditions Only Filipinos Can Understand

From cockfighting, competitive karaoke, to the world’s longest Christmas season, here are some of the main traditions only Filipinos can fully appreciate.

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Learn about the Philippines’ National Symbols

Each country has its own national symbols to identify themselves from others and to unite its citizens through nationalism. Check out these official national symbols of the Philippines.
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9 Superstitions Many Filipinos Still Believe

The present-day Filipino culture still embraces superstitions that cling to ancient beliefs and practices. Check out these 9 superstitions many Filipinos still believe.

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Shopee in the Pandemic

The pandemic has directly affected livelihoods – from owners of small businesses to individual employees. Find out how Shopee readily launched programs and assistance to the affected Filipinos.
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Sustainable Filipino Brands

Rework that vintage clothing to the next level! Check out these 6 sustainable Filipino brands who turn old clothes and retaso into statement pieces.

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